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Find the Right Mortgage for You

Trying to find the right mortgage can be difficult. Choosing the right lender is crucial. Working with a MidCountry Mortgage expert & the mortgage products we offer will help you move through the home loan process smoothly.

Loans for First Time Home Buyers

The strength of MidCountry Mortgage lies in knowledgeable and responsive loan officers who do the heavy lifting for first time home buyers. Years of industry experience provides them with the know-how to identify and compare options, assist you in making an informed decision, and guide you through the process of buying your first home from start to finish.

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Loans for Home Buyers

More traditional mortgage programs you can rely on. We try to help you feel assured that you're making the right decisions about the best mortgage to support your short- or long-term goals. We bring you good people, strong values and a genuine commitment to navigate the process smoothly.

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Refinance Loans

Whether you want to lower your payments or renovate your kitchen, refinancing your mortgage may be your best bet. There is a lot to consider when it comes to refinancing, and it all depends on your goals. From taking advantage of lower rates to using the equity in your home, the right advice can save you money.

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Specialty and Portfolio Loans

Loan program designed for borrowers who don't meet conventional financing guidelines. It expedites the process and allows underwriting flexibility for unique situations. Options include: VA, USDA, FHA, hobby farm, 3 season cabin, lot loan, manufactured housing, interest only, zero down loans for doctors, loans in corporate names, loans for non-warrantable condos, loans qualifying with business income or significant assets or residual income.

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Meet our Mortgage Experts

Our Mortgage Experts will lead you through the mortgage process every step of the way